Vision West ND Legislative Summit



Vision West ND Hallway Entrance

Vision West ND Hallway Entrance

Regional Plan Booth
Karalea Cox
Lydia DeJesus

Karalea Cox speaking with Legislators

Housing Booth
USDA RD-Alisa Dahl
NDFHA - Jennifer Henderson

Child Care Booth
Carrie Boster
Renee Townsend


EMS Booth
Planning & Zoning and Transportation Booth
Water Booth
Rep. Kenton Onstad talking with Deb Nelson & Carie Boster
Mark Resner with Blake Crosby, Exec.Director NDLC
Deb Walworth talking with Mark Resner and Ann Hafle


Vision West ND Map

Brady & Senator
Larsen Dist. 3
ICON Schematics
Mel Bauer-Dukart
Senator Luick Dist. 25
& Diane Sickler
Andrea, Loren, and Sen Mathern Dist. 11
Infrastructure Plans
Ed Courton & Mark Resner
Ashley Alderson &
Rep. Kempenich Dist. 39
Deb & Vanessa
at Plans Table
Belinda & Russ at Higher Education Table
Icon & SRF
Loren & Infrastructure Plans
Mel & Shirley
Lydia and WNDEP Display
Ashley, Rep Kempenich & Ron Ness, ND Petroleum Council, discuss Child Care
Diane at the VWND overview table

Kim Nunberg- Beach, Shawn Kessel-Dickinson,
Rep Johnson

Lyn James & Ashley Alderson-Bowman

Melanie and Rep. Johnson Dist. 15

Ray Ann Kilen
@ SW Night


Shirley & Mott visitor, Jeri Schmidt
SW Night

Shirley & Rep Johnson
Dist 37
Shirley & Sen Lyson
Dist 1


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